"Restoring The Mind Through Person-Centered Care"

Personal Injury Trauma Therapy helps injury survivors recover psychologically from their traumatic experience.
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Our mission at Personal Injury Trauma Therapy, LLC is to restore mental clarity lost after an accident in order to reduce symptoms of PTSD. All clients are assessed by a team of licensed and certified mental health trauma clinicians. Our specialists are trained specifically in treating the conditions of PTSD as it relates to personal injury. Our trauma clinicians provide psycho-social rehabilitation through evidence-based techniques to teach survivors how to identify and manage triggers experienced as a result of their personal injury. This person-centered treatment is designed to reduce the impact of the trauma incurred and to restore the client's overall mental health and well being. We accept medical/attorney liens. If you and/ or your loved one have been impacted by trauma as a result of a personal injury. Call us at 470-836-HURT(4878).
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  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Trauma
  • Nightmares
  • PTSD
  • Increased Anger
  • Fear


  • Renewing The Mind Through Person-Centered Care

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  • We Accept Medical/Attorney Liens


“After just two sessions, I felt healed! Unlike previous therapists, this one explained what's happening in my mind, helping me understand trauma's impact. I'm now equipped with skills to self-regulate. I feel empowered to manage my moods and behaviors better.”

42 Year Old Female - Auto Accident Injury

“The therapist explained my feelings and reactions, aiding my self-discovery. As a gunshot survivor, I'm gaining a new perspective on life. I'm learning self-patience and striving for personal growth as well as focusing on the present and not my past trauma.”

28 Year Old Male - Gun Shot Injury

“I have witnessed my patients experience physical and mental stress which directly impacts their response to treatment. This PI therapy service allows me to help support my patients while they heal physically. A simple referral process + great customer service.”

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